Jewelry Care Tips & Tricks

Jewelry Care Tips & Tricks


 Personally, we love stocking up on new jewelry pieces often and without breaking the bank. However, the downfall to fashion jewelry is that unlike fine jewelry (which is crafted from gold, platinum, silver, etc), it's created with more affordable components like plated metal, semi precious stones, beads, and more. As a result, you may have noticed that fashion jewelry tarnishes more easily than fine jewelry. 

 Fear not! There are simple ways to help keep your jewelry from tarnishing.

1. Keep Your Pieces Dry and Happy

 The fastest way to tarnish your jewelry is to have it in contact with moisture and liquids. This ranges from putting on lotions, to washing your hands, to showering. Always be sure to take your pieces off before showering, washing up before bed, and before your nightly skin care routine to help keep your jewels safe.

2. Store Your Jewelry Away

 Probably the biggest mistake most people make (yes, we've been guilty of this one too). DON'T LEAVE YOUR PIECES OUT! Moisture and humidity in the air can wear down your jewels fast! It's very important to store them properly. Keep your jewels in our signature Blue Box Boutique Inc custom pouches to protect them from the sun and from getting scratched up. Want to take it up a notch? Invest in an air tight jewelry container/organizer. That way you can make sure your pieces are safely tucked away from any moisture in the air. 

3. Invest in Anti Tarnish Strips

 One of the coolest little inventions ever! These little strips help suck the moisture in the surrounding air. Store them in your jewelry drawer, box, organizer, or pouch for some added safety!

4. Invest in a Jewelry Protectant Spray

 Ever notice that your jewelry pieces sometimes turns your skin green? That's because even the oils in your skin can react with the metals in your jewelry pieces causing it to oxidize faster. Spray your jewelry with a protectant spray to help fight tarnishing and oxidizing. Certain sprays even protect the wearer from allergies (i.e. irritation, rashes, etc)! 
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 All in all, yes this may seem like a lot to go through and process and most of us will probably still leave our jewelry scattered on our night stand. However, if there's one piece that's super special to you then follow our tips above to give your jewels a nice long healthy life! 


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