Fall Fashion Faves

Fall Fashion Faves

With Autumn weather slowly making its way in, we're looking forward to pairing our fall favorites with cozier layers. Burgundy is making its way in as a hot color this season, as well as earthy natural tones. With all the layers you'll be wearing it's great to pair those outfits with layers of jewelry that'll stand out. We've rounded up some of our fall fashion favorites that we're sure will make your outfit pop!


  • Trixie Earrings
    With all the cozy sweaters and cute jackets you'll be wearing this season, earrings are the perfect piece to throw on without worrying about them being hidden under all those pesky layers. The Trixie earring is a classic fun piece that'll be sure to add a little fun to your outfit.


  • Bracelets
    With all the bracelets we have to choose from you'll never be without options! Perfect for warm fall days when you have a tee and a bomber jacket or colder days when you're bundled in your fave sweater and you want to add extra layers (of bracelets of course). With our natural stone bracelets, your outfit will definitely scream "fall fashion ready".


  • Terra Necklace
    What's more "fall fashion" than our Terra necklace? With our spin on the tree of life theme our Terra necklace is one of our go to fall fashion staples. Easily adjustable and sure to stand out, it's perfect and easy to just throw on over your favorite outfit.


  •  Mix and match
     Some people may think that with all the layers that comes with fall weather, adding too much jewelry seems too bulky. We are here to tell you there is NO SUCH THING as too much jewelry. With our natural earthy tones, our pieces are subtle but stand out enough to turn heads. Pair a long necklace and some dangle earrings with a cute tee and a crop jacket and you're good to go!


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